Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I saw the movie Thunderstruck about two or three weeks ago. It was probably one of the best  basketball movies I have ever seen. Its about a boy that loves basketball and he also lives in Oklahoma City. Well if you may know, one of the best basketball teams in the NBA (National Basketball Association) Oklahoma City Thunder also know as OKC or The Thunder. His favorite player on the team is Kevin Durant. He can fly meaning he can jump about 5-10 feet in the air and can hit shots all day. So in the movie the kids name is Brian.
So on a sunny Sunday, he goes outside to shoot some hoops. He does the funniest thing ever. He tries to start shooting like Kevin Durant and trying to do moves like him. One time he falls into the fan that is on the side of his house. Out of nowhere his sister comes out of the bushes and videotapes him. She hides behind the fan that is outside of the house and catches him not doing good playing basketball. The next day his sister shows the lunch room how good he thinks he is. She puts the video on the TV in the cafeteria. Everybody laughs at him. When he gets home he couldn't be cheered up by anything. His dad then walks into his room and says "Now i heard what happened at school today, and i was wondering if you wanted to go to a OKC game?" Brian's face lights up and says "seriously? Yea lets head on out"
So when they get to the game he is so excited to see his favorite player start playing. So when they start tip off OKC gets the ball. So when KD gets the ball and scores, Brian stands up and cheers every time and people start getting angry. So at halftime one lucky person gets to go at half court to try and hit a half court shot. The person with the ticket is Brian's dad. For a second he is upset then his dad was like you won you have the ticket, you won. Brian then suddenly gets cheered up. He goes down to the court and his face is still lit up like he has met Kevin Durant. So the announcer says that he has on chance to shoot the ball from half court and if he makes it, he could win 1 million dollars.
 So he gets a running start he is almost to the half court line, he shoots and he doesn't even get close and he hits the mascot in the head. The girl escorted him out to go to his seat. On his way out he saw his favorite player, Kevin Durant. Brian said, "Your, your, your Kevin Durant." He said, "Yep I sure am.' He then signs a basketball for Brian and Kevin said a word and it happened right then and there. Kevins goodness went into Brians, and Brians suckyness went into Kevin. So when Kevin starts the third quater he starts sucking. Brian says to himself, "what are you doing?" The crowed starts booing and start getting upset. Kevin misses all of his shots and even misses a wide open layup. So at the end of the game they end up loosing 69-105. The next day Brian feels like going outside and shooting some hoops. He shoots a fadeaway and SWISHES it!!!! He starts doing moves and crazy stuff like Kevin Durant. He tries to see if he can dunk and he runs and flies into the air and BAMM!!! He slams it in the goal.
The next day he goes back to school. After school he goes to his schools basketball practice and says, "coach i want to try out." so the coach was like no tryouts are over and to tryout next year. Brian takes the basketball away from the best player and says, "i bet you cant take this ball from me?" So the kid tries to take the ball out of Brians hands but Brian doesnt let him. So the two coaches trie to guard him but right when they do Brian dribbles the ball right between one of the coaches legs and then dunks right over the second coach. The whole basketball teams jaws dropped. Now the coach is like welcome to the team Brian.
Now that Brian has now played alot of his schools basketball games and is a big star, Kevin Durant is still doing terrible and he couldnt hit a shot to save his life. The only time he can make a shot is when he is up close to the basket and shoots one handed and im pretty sure he isnt gonna shoot one handed everytime he gets the ball. Now back to Brian he is working on getting this girl of his dreams. She is cute, has a great smile, and smells like roses everytime she walks past him. He was pretty sure that she liked him because she would always smile back at him when he would smile at her first. So he goes up to her and asked her what her name is and she says Jennifer. He says hi im Brian. He asked her if she wanted to go on a date and she says sure i would love to. So they go and eat burgers and they talked for a while. After they got done eating they kissed. Now they are officialy dating.
The next game Brians team plays is the championship game and the want to win it so so bad. They have given it everything they had and here they are. So the game starts and we get the ball. Brian jukes this kid out and scores.
At the start of the fourth quater the game is close 55-58 and we are down by 2. Everytime we back a basket they always have to come back with another basket. So the clock is down to 30 seconds and we have the ball and the score is 66-66 and remember Kevin was at the game and he wanted his talent back and so Brian gave him his talent back at half time. So Brian has the ball with 10 seconds left. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3 Brian shoots the shot at 3 and the ball is in the air the buzzer goes off the net goes SWISH!!!!!! They have won the game and everbody runs on the floor and tackles Brian. KD winks at Brian and then leaves. Thats the end of a wonderful movie.  

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